Back to the Future

Posted by wayne Chapman on

The past few years have been years of change and turmoil both economically and legislatively.

 Its made me think through what we are doing, and evaluate where we want to be in the future.

 Firearms and Shooting sports have always been a passion for me, and this has morphed into my enthusiasm around particularly Reloading, Cowboy Action Shooting and Black Powder firearms. My business life previous to the shop always had a strong focus on “distance selling”, where buyer and seller dont meet, initially catalogues then online in many forms.

I started Magnum Imports  as an online business from this passion, in 1998 with a simple single page website. Then I ramped it up in 2006 and was the first Trade Me seller specialising in shooting and reloading gear and consumables. 

Looking back i realise that over the past 10 years since we brought The Gunshop, the requirements of running a “Bricks and Mortar” retail shop have taken my focus away from that passion of helping customers through an online business.

So, as the heading says, its “Back to the Future”. 

Over the next month or so we are going to make a number of changes

  • Firstly we’ll be reducing the hours the shop is open for “walk ins”, this will happen over a period so that people can adjust to not being open 9-5, 5 days a week. Starting this week we will be closed Wednesdays.

  • The reduced hours will focus on key times, but outside of those the Showroom and Gun room will still be available to view by appointment.  I know lots of people travel to the shop as a destination, specifically to look at what we have, so you can just contact me to confirm a mutually suitable time.

  • Also this week we will be start a big clearance sale ,  reducing the stock lines down to core items. These will appear on our trademe auctions, you can save us a  favourite seller to get updated notifications and in the  Clearance section of our website as well as being available in store.  There will be bargains in all areas, not just outdoors.

  • We will start to extend the online range of what we sell, most of which has been “instore” for some time but not listed “online”.

  • Lastly you’ll also notice we will transition back to trading as The Gunshop, to help refocus customers and the marketplace on who/what we are.

Of course, I’ll still be available via phone/txt/message/email/Facebook etc, and travelling to shoots so plenty of ways to touch base, ask questions, or get answers.

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