Who are we

Wayne (aka Trapper) has had an interest in miltary history and militaria since his early teenage years, probably stemming from hearing stories of his uncles time in Italy in WW2. This has progressed into a small collection of firearms from the Maori wars to WW2

He starting hunting in his 20's, and has dabbled in various types (big game, small game, Duck and pheasant etc). He started competitive pistol shooting about 16 years ago, and is now a very keen and active Cowboy Action shooter (CAS).

He has been the NI and NZ champion in Frontier Cartridge Category (Black powder) and competed at the World Champs in USA in 2018 coming 10th in his category

When he can he does a little bit of clay bird shooting and still likes to get out for  a spot of fishing either on the local river or surfcasting somewhere.

Ainsley (Aka Southern Cross Lil) - before she met Wayne she had no interest or exposure to firearms.

Always willing to give new things a go she tried her hand at shooting, and has been and shot her first deer. While hunting wasn't her thing, we loves the results!

Her initial reaction when Wayne told her he was going to do CAS was laughter, why would mature people dress up to shoot, but eventually he wore her down and she came along. She found that it was full of friendship, laughter and lots of shooting, and she has become as addicted as Wayne. 

She loves the wider Cowboy family that we now have, with friends across NZ and the world.


Born of an English mother (Labrador) and a German father (GSP), Jazz started life from a rural family but quickly adapted to life with urban comforts.

She is now 11 and showing her age as a graceful lady does.

She loves the outdoors, tracking and hunting out game birds, swimming in the river or the sea, and loves retrieving.

She also loves to laze around the shop with Wayne during the day, snooze on her favorite sofa in the evening and curl up on the bottom of Wayne and Ainsleys' bed at night (yes we had to buy a super king so she could fit on!)

Jazz believes she is the marketing brains behind The Gunshop, with lots of sales, and customer feedback from her "Jazz's Barking Mad Specials" newsletters (to get on her list add you email to the mailing list area on the bottom of the home page)