RIP Jazz

Some sad news, Jazz left us recently after a serious of short but rather serious medical events.

Jazz was not only a part of our family, and a companion on my outdoors adventures, but from the first day that we brought The Gunshop 9 years ago, she came  to work with me nearly every day.

Customers loved her, some were dragged in often by their kids just wanting to pat her, but she also had a few that come in specifically to bring her tasty titbits and show her some love.

She was the star of these emails, advertsing in local paper and magazines, countless christmas and easter phots (deep down she loved it) and even had her pown facebook page

It was a sad day when she left us, with staff and some customers shedding a tear for Jazz. I have to admit in writing this and looking through her pics again it brought another tear to my eyes

Thank you to those that have reached out with kind words and Love

 RIP Jazz