VP90 Gun Grease Tube 25ml  ( 1.05 oz)

VP90 Gun Grease Tube 25ml ( 1.05 oz)

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Gun Grease Tube 25ml ( 1.05 oz)
Supplied in a new easy to dispense plastic tube with large non-slip cap. This white grease is highly water resistant (to DIN 51807). VP90 grease operates effectively in temperatures of -20c to +120c.

Neglecting to apply lubricant to specific components of your firearm can subject them to wear and tear, potentially leading to their degradation over time. Regardless of whether your firearm is in use or not, the ambient moisture of its storage area could oxidise the metal parts, forming rust. Such problems may adversely affect the dependability, security, and precision of your weapon.

Supplied in 25ml (1.05floz) dispenser tubes.