Uberti 1885 Highwall Spec Sp LR 32" 45/70 DT Pistol Grip Stock

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Uberti 1885 High Wall Single Shot Sporting Rifle Octagonal barrel 32" 45-70
This model has the set Double Trigger and Checkered Pistol Grip stock

Ideal for CAS or Black powder long range
1885 SINGLE SHOT RIfLES AND CARBINE The production of the Single Shot started in September 1885 using the Browning patent and terminated towards the end of 1920. It became one of the best known guns and was regarded by many as being the best Single Shot ever to be made. Without doubt it is stronger than the Sharps better designed very accurate and reliable in every way.
Few guns have been made in so many different calibers – high walls even served in the development of the 7.62 Nato round.
The gun was produced during a period in which target shooting was a really popular sport they were used in International Competitions at 1 000 yards.