Uberti 1884 Lightning Pump Action Carbine II 20"

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The Colt Lightning rifle introduced in 1884 was chambered in .44-40 the most popular pistol round offered for Colt’s 1873 single action revolvers.
Colt followed with Lightnings in three different frame sizes to accommodate a wide range of cartridges from .22 caliber up to .50-95 Express. More than 185 000 Lightning Rifles were manufactured but there hasn’t been a new one made since 1904 that is until now. The Lightning Rifle by Uberti is an exact replica of the original Colt Lightning but by using modern steel and manufacturing techniques the Uberti Lightning will safely stand up to modern ammunition.

The Lightning Rifle is available in .45 Colt or .357 Magnum all with luster finished satin walnut stocks and a choice of blued or color case-hardened receivers. When it comes to speed it can still beat any Winchester or as Sam Colt used to put it “nothing is faster than Lightning.”

Caliber: .357MAG.
Length of Barrel: 20″
Barrel: Forged steel
Frame: Forged steel and color case
Barrel Shape: carbine ROUND TAPERED
Stock: Walnut
Forend: Walnut