Uberti 1873 Rifle & Carbine S S & PG Parts Kit

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Spare Part Kit for Uberti 1873 rifle and carbine.

Containing the following parts:

1 x Mainspring Screw

1 x Mainspring Adj Screw

3 x Butt Plate Screw

1 x Tang Screw pistol grip

1 x Tang Screw

1 x Lever Screw

1 x Band Screw carbine

1 x Forend Screw carbine

1 x Side Plate Screw

2 x Lever Spring Screw

1 x Ladle Screw

2 x Triggerguard Screw

1 x Projection running screw

1 x Trigger and Lever screw

2 x Forend Protection Screw rifle

Exploded diagram included in pack.