Uberti 1860 Henry Trapper Rif 18.5"

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Uberti 1860 Henry Trapper Rif 18.5" 44/40 - shipment due Jan/Feb 2022 (also available 45 Colt

Inventor B. Tyler Henry patented his .44 rimfire lever-action repeating rifle on the eve of the Civil War. While relatively small numbers saw action during the war, the rifle's battlefield reputation as the "tarnation Yankee rifle that they load on Sunday and fire all week" ensured that it would be a welcome addition to the arsenal of the Old West. Uberti offers the "Trapper" version (18-1/2" barrel)

Manufactured in Italy by Uberti.

Uberti is a well known manufacturer of high quality replicas of 19th century American percussion revolvers, carbines and rifles. These replicas are used by historical re-enactors and target shooters. Thanks to their exceptional quality, Uberti replicas are also sought after by collectors and historical firearms enthusiasts.

Barrel Specifications: 18.5" Octagonal

Sights: Rear Ladder Sight, Blade Front Sight

Finish: Blue Barrel with Forged Brass Frame and Butt Plate

Stock Description: Walnut

Weight: 9 lbs