Tica Surf Combo Galant Combo 4.5m 1463 Rod , GTY10000 Reel

Tica Surf Combo Galant Combo 4.5m 1463 Rod , GTY10000 Reel

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This hi-performance long cast surf set is perfect for beach or rock fishing.

Rod features;
Tica Galant surf casting rods are constructed using high modulus interwoven carbon fibre.
The 4.5m 3 piece slim line blank features a hybrid tip constructed from high-strength graphite for more power and accurate casting. The hybrid tip features reflective finish for night fishing.
Cast weight is rated at 100-220gm.
This is a high performance rod for the discerning angler that wants distance and accuracy, to place casts exactly where the fish are holding.

Reel features;
The Tica Scepter GTY10000 is long distance surf casting reel. The Scepter has 7 RRB rust resistant bearings, a stainless steel mainshaft, Worm shaft oscillating system, high speed 5.2:1 gear ratio, solid aluminum bail wire and a titanium plated anti-twist line roller to prevent wear from super braid lines.
The main body is reinforced with graphite to prevent the reel from twisting when under load.
Fitted with carbon washers this reel has max drag of 8kg.

Reel Specs;
* 7 RRB sealed precision stainless steel Rust Resistant Ball bearings
* Graphite reinforced body
* Anti-twist line roller with bearing.
* Long-life bail spring.
* Anodised aluminium alloy spool.
* Computer balanced rotor.
* One-way clutch instant anti-reverse roller bearing.
* Worm shaft oscillating system.
* Click alert for a light strike.
* Long shaft for better line winding.
* Right/ left interchangeable handle.
* Soft-touch power handle knob.
* Supplied with No.10 tapered casting spool; capacity of 305yds of 20lb (280m of.45mm) mono
* Smooth powerful carbon drag washers.
* Slow oscillation improves line lay on spool with a slower up and down stroke, reduces friction when line flows out for a longer distance casting.
* Weight; 620g
* 5.2:1 retrieve ratio, retrieves 114cm line per handle turn.
* Max Drag; 8kg
* Capacity 285/25lb, 310m/0.30mm
* Tica Reel has 10 Year Warranty