Tica Kazumi Galactic 1403 100-250g Surf Rod and ES8000 reel

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Awesome Surfcasting package
We'ee combined a Tica Kazumi Galactic 1403 100-250g Surf Rod with a Tica ES8000 Reel - all at a low price of $399
The 4.3m 3 piece slim line blank features a hybrid tip constructed from high-strength graphite for
more power and accurate casting. The hybrid tip features reflective finish for night fishing.
The rod butt features an ergonomic palm swell to ensure your hand placement is the same for every cast,
so you can aim your casts with confidence.
Cast weight is rated at 100-250gm.
Fitted with light weight low profile guides to make the rod very light in the hand,
with a finished total weight of only 600 grams.


Even with its low price tag, it is smooth, powerful, and durable just like the best surf fishing reel should be.
Given its price range, you will be pleasantly surprised at how solid it feels and how good it performs.
Fitted with an anti-twist line rotor and roller, the reel has a capacity of 280yds/20lb monofilament line.
When it comes to fighting fish, it can handle inshore species encountered in the surf easily thanks to its
enhanced shaft strength, strong and smooth drag system, 2 x high-quality rust resistant ball bearings,
and a 4.4:1 gear ratio.
All Tica reels have a 10 year warranty.