Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Custom Black 45ACP

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Tanfoglio WITNESS 1911 CUSTOM BLACK 45ACP. Comes with 2  magazines. 

Features Flared Mag Well, Ambi Safety, Extended Slide Release Lever, Metal Triggerand fully adjustable sights.

Single action semi automatic pistol made for target shooting and I.P.S.C. - Standard Class - and I.D.P.A. competitions.

It is similar to the classic 1911 and it has the same diemnsions and technical characteristics.

It has an ambidextrous safety, an extended slide stop lever, wooden checkered grips and fully adjustable rear sight.

It is available in cal..45ACP or 9x19 and in blued or hardchromed finishing versions.

Comes with 2 Magazines.