Tanfoglio Stock I 9mm UNICA

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Tanfoglio Stock I 9mm with 2 17 round magazines. Comes with Black Aliminum Grops, UNICA Hammer and Sear.

Tanfoglio Stock models line is enriched with the STOCK I model, semiautomatic pistol in double action suitable for Practical Shooting - Production Division and IDPA competitions SSP and ESP class.
The new Stock I allows the novice to approach the world of sports shooting and the expert shooter to compete in divisions that have been until now reserved to few models.
Stock I has a cylindric barrel,113 mm long, that can get excellent results also using coated tender ammunition bullets.
The slide is equipped with new and improved serrations for easy operation.
The frame is the Stock III one: it has a longer fore end up to the slide muzzle for a better balancing of the pistol and a picatinny base for the assembly of tactical lights and/or laser devices

It weighs less than 1219 grams, including magazine.