Stoeger Top Lever Spring Kit

Stoeger Top Lever Spring Kit

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by Palo Verde Gunworks
The Stoeger Top Lever Spring kit will give you a lighter and smoother feeling Top Lever action, making your Stoeger side-by-side shotgun easier and quicker to open. This kit is made by Palo Verde (SASS #56,522).

Fits all Stoeger Coach and Uplander Side-by-Side Shotguns

The Stoeger Top Lever Spring kit contains:
— 1 Top Lever Spring (zinc plated)
— 2 White Nylon Spring Bushings
— 2 Blue Nylon Spring Bushings
— 4 Red Adjuster Washers
— Detailed Instructions

Spring Tension Adjustable to 7 Tension Levels
Stoeger Top Lever Spring tension is adjustable to 7 tension levels by using various combinations of the nylon bushings and adjuster washers included in the kit ... without cutting the spring! So, if the tension is too light, you can adjust it without buying a new spring! Each adjustment step will increase or decrease the spring tension by approximately 8%