SONIC 40 COMPACT SUPPRESSOR 7mm or 8mm (30 Cal)

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The new Sonic 40 Compact Supressor .

This model is shorter than the Sonic 35, but with a larger diameter, the volume becomes comparable making it a great option for small to medium calibre rifles.

Ideal for a compact bush rifle

Available to suit 7mm and 8mm (30 cal) rifles, and 4 different threads 1/2x20, 1/2x28, 5/8x24 and M14

Built with a stainless steel internal core and inserts in the baffles, Sonic Suppressors are built in Denmark, and have a 5year warranty

Weight 250 Gm
Diameter 40mm
OAL 190mm
Over Barrel 55mm
Muzzle forward 135mm