Sierra 375 200 grn FN Pro hunter

Sierra 375 200 grn FN Pro hunter

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.375 CALIBER (.375) 200 GR. FN
For rifles, this bullet is designed specifically for the 375 Winchester cartridge, it is also suitable for 38-55. It has Sierra's unique PowerJacket and provides outstanding terminal performance. Sierra's Power Jacket ensures positive but even expansion in conjunction with good penetration on medium to heavy game. The cannelure location is correct for crimping, and the flat point was designed for use in tubular magazines. This bullet is also very effective in the 375 H&H Magnum, but velocity should be kept around 2200 fps to avoid over-expansion in game.

For handguns, although the bullet is designed for rifles chambered for the 375 Winchester cartridge, it quickly found a home in the 375 Super Magnum revolver. Thompson Center currently chambers the T/C Contender for the 375 Winchester as well. Designed for the modest velocities generated by 375 Winchester rifles, this bullet performs very well in a handgun. The large amount of exposed lead at the tip and the PowerJacket skiving assure quick, even expansion at all suggested velocities and ranges, making this bullet the best choice in this caliber for field use on game. Traditional Sierra accuracy assures success on medium to large game and silhouettes.

Dia. (inches) 0.375
Weight (grains) 200
Sectional Density .203
Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
.195 @ 2100 fps and above
.212 between 2100 and 1750 fps
.232 between 1750 and 1400 fps
.248 @ 1400 fps and below


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