Rossi '92 Spring Kit

Rossi '92 Spring Kit

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Rossi '92 Spring Kit - turn your Rossi lever into a slick shooting lever
by Palo Verde Gunworks

Rossi has been manufacturing the Model 92 for various U.S. importers for over 40 years. And, the Rossi '92 is currently the entry level, lever action rifle in pistol calibers.

The Rossi '92 Spring Kit is the best and most complete spring kit available for the Rossi '92. The concept is the same as used in the Palo Verde Marlin Spring Kit ... high-quality springs that can be adjusted without cutting coils. It is simple enough for the novice to install, yet sophisticated enough for the professional gunsmith to fine-tune for individual rifles.

• Main Spring Adjustable to 5 Tension Levels (approx. 8% change between settings)
• 2 Ejector Springs - Allow for selecting the one that works best on your particular rifle
• Zinc Plated Springs for Corrosion Resistance
• Nylon Bushings Maintain Spring Alignment on the Hammer Strut, Reduce Friction and
• Provide Easy Adjustment Without Cutting Springs
• Nylon Bushings are Color Coded for Easy Installation

Works on Rossi Model '92s in .38/.357, .44-40, .44 Magnum and .45 Colt.

The Rossi '92 Spring Kit Contains:
— 1 Hammer Spring
— 2 White Nylon Hammer Spring Bushings
— 2 Blue Nylon Hammer Spring Bushings
— 3 Red Adjuster Washers
— 2 Ejector Springs (1 Light Tension & 1 Heavy Tension)
— 1 Carrier Stop Spring
— 1 Lever Plunger Spring
— Detailed, Step By Step Instructions with Photos Plus Action Smoothing Tips

Customer Feedback
"Just wanted to let you know that the Palo Verde spring kit for Rossi 92 is excellent. I never look forward to taking this rifle (454 Casull model) apart but I was glad when I replaced the springs, did the little polishing recommended in the instructions and cycled it a few times. I tested a few rounds and will try a few more tomorrow. Very pleased. Thanks for carrying this kit. I know a couple of people with Marlins that may be interested too and I'll mention it to them."
— James P. - Wilder, TN (2/19/16)