Rifle Ranch Portable Centrefire Stand - Seismic 500

Rifle Ranch Portable Centrefire Stand - Seismic 500

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The Rifle Ranch Portable Centrefire Stand is the last target stand you will ever need.

It is easy to store, shift and place securely in any ground. The stand can handle any hit - virtually eliminating the annoying job of resetting unexpectedly. Made from Seismic 300 rebar- this stand can handle hard ground, soft ground and hit after hit. The innovative flanges enable weight and leverage to be applied as you place and remove the target, and aid stability in softer ground.

This target stand stands 760mm high (above the flanges), and will comfortably hang the Rifle Ranch 8 in, 10 in and 12 in Gong Targets above long grass. Magnum calibres used under 200m may bend or chip Seismic 300 rebar and extremely high velocity ammunition such as 22-250 can also chip the steel. Occasional rust proofing is recommended to get the best life from your stand.

(Pictured with Gong Targets, sold separately - base not included with stand)