Rifle Ranch Round Centrefire Gong Target - 10mm AR500

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Made in NZ, the Rifle Ranch Gong Target is the best target you can buy today. Available in 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch.

Made from AR500 steel - this Gong Target can handle any hit - virtually eliminating the annoying job of resetting unexpectedly. The quality chain and bolts are made from comparable steel and are impervious to hits from nearly all short action centrefire rifles. The quality AR500 high tensile steel consistently provides a high pitched ring - for unmatched hit recognition.

This target works perfectly with the Rifle Ranch Portable Centrefire Stand (sold separately - base not included). Magnum calibres used under 200m can bend or chip the AR500 steel and the chain and bolts. Extremely high velocity ammunition such as 22-250 can also chip or pock mark the steel and damage the chain and bolts. Occasional rust proofing and recoating is recommended to get the best life from your stand.