Prochrono Pocket Pro Shot Timer

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Our classic model…..still a favorite!
The Pocket Pro measures shot time intervals for personal practice and scoring matches! A timeless design that has set the standard for shot timers. Requires one 9 volt alkaline battery for operation.
Review up to 50 shots- forward or reverse
Ergonomic design allows right or left hand operation without covering the buzzer and sensor
Saves batteries with automatic power down after 10 minutes of inactivity
Large display with .5 inch tall numbers
Displays time to 199.99 seconds
Adjustable sensitivity
Direct review of shots, split times, and shot number
Par time for a "second beep" to indicate a time limit
Switch selectable instant/random delayed start
Large clothespin style belt clip fits over your shooting belt.
Separate shot sensor and buzzer
Low battery indication
2 year warranty
Made in USA with real service and support