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Designed for the exigeant shooter, this new version of the 1874 Sharps rifle is noticeable for its slim lines and reduced size.

We worked on the frame, side plate and barrel to round the profiles and by minimizing the dimensions we could reduce the weight to 3.45 kilos; the forged and CNC machined frame features a floral engraving, the stock is made of American walnut, the barrel PMG quality features a matt blue finish.

Strong and efficient
The Sharps falling block rifles proved their worth in the 19th century as long-range arms, a favourite tool of buffalo hunters and target shooters at matches such as Creedmoor in New York and our own Bisley. Creedmoor closed in 1892 (it is now the site of the Creedmoor Psychiatric Centre) but Bisley is still going strong. While buffalo hunting is still practised in the USA, it is not on the scale of past times, when the animal was all but eradicated from North America. Modern Sharps reproductions will be the predominant arm in long range ‘buffalo’ shoots today, using steel targets, and doubtless many of the competitors with Western leanings would love to emulate Billy Dixon’s 1500 yard kill (albeit an Indian, not a buffalo) with a Sharps ‘Big Fifty’ (.50-90 calibre) rifle in June 1874.

The mechanism is simple and quite strong, based on a back-action lock, as found on many rifles and shotguns from the flintlock era to the present day, combined with a breech block/lever combination, the lever also forming the trigger guard.

The Little Betsy is a scaleddown version of the larger calibre models in the Sharps range, with a tapered round barrel where the bigger bores are generally octagonal.

The sights set includes a tunnel front sight and the folding Creedmoor sight. With double set trigger.

Grooves 8
Twist inches 1:12
Barrel's length inches 24
Overall length inches 41 1/8
Weight lbs 7.18