Pedersoli Muzzleloading Rifle  Kit Scout Flintlock

Pedersoli Muzzleloading Rifle Kit Scout Flintlock

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The KIT version of the famous Pedersoli Scout carbine. The kits need some simple “do it yourself” knowledge basis, few tools and some working hours to complete and finish a “self-custom-made” gun.
Carbine version of the Pennsylvania rifle, thanks to its easy handling, it was mostly used by the famous Scout, that led the pioneers’ caravans through the Western territories. It is provided with double set trigger, and ramp rear sight adjustable for elevation.

The KIT gun has been previously assembled. The barrel is not blued but it went through an anti-rust treatment, the lock is assembled and finished. The stock needs to be smoothed, checkered, coloured and oil finished, while the metal furniture needs a polishing

The image of the KIT and completed version are just illustrations, not the exact pictures of the gun (Kit in box is off a flintlcok, and finish on kit stock is up to you obviously).

Calibre .45
Grooves 8
Twist inches 1:48
Barrel's length inches 28 3/8
Overall length inches 42 15/16
Weight lbs 5.73