Pedersoli 86/71 LEVER ACTION "GUIDEMASTER" .45/70

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An ideal companion during intense hunting adventures.
Fully chromed version of our Boarbuster rifle, resistant to oxidation and intended for use in environments with high humidity. Equipped with increased loading lever and wood stock protected by the special Silicon Grip film.

Davide Pedersoli's new Guide Master rifle is perfect for any big game hunter on the trail of a scent or beating the woods. An ideal rifle for hunting boar or other hoofed game in particularly difficult terrain and conditions.

It is an extremely compact and easy-to-handle rifle, only 950 mm long with a 48-cm barrel to shoot wild game running through the brush, in their dens or when winged, in an instinctive and precise way.

Built for those who have to retrieve game in the most extreme climatic conditions all over the world, the Guide Master is made entirely of stainless steel.

It is a compact and handy weapon with its broached 19-inch PMG barrel, fibre-optic sight and Weaver/Picatinny rail that has a built-in rear sight. The American walnut stock is protected by a special camouflage treatment and has a microcell butt plate to help absorb the recoil, plus studs for the sling. Last but not least, it weighs just 3.6 kg.

Frame drilled and tapped on the left side to fit the specific Picatinny scope base
Threaded muzzle
Safety at the hammer
Flying firing pin
Barrel drilled and tapped to fit the Picatinny/Weaver scope base
Loading Lever with extra large oversize loop
Silicon Grip coated stock and forend
Bolt drilled and tapped to fit the specific Ghost sight
Barrel equipped with the Picatinny/Weaver scope base with integrated rear sight and the ramp front sight
Action, bolt, magazine tube, lever, nose cap, grip cap, hammer, trigger chromed and mat satin finished.

Caliber .45-70 Gov.
Grooves 6
Twist inches 1:18
Barrel's length inches 19
Overall length inches 37 7/16
Weight lbs 7.94


Arriving Late July