Pard SA45 LRF Thermal scope With LRF

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The PARD SA Thermal Rifle Scope has proven itself around the world as being extremely good for the price point and out performs its competitors

As Reviewed in Rod & Rifle Magazine – “PARD SA45 Thermal Imaging that Works”

Wondering how they compare to Competitors Scopes -

Thermal Rifle Scope PARD SA45
This is a new PARD SA45 Thermal Rifle Scope and we really like it, its Price and Performance is really good, its simple to use and very effective.

Key Features

IP67 waterproof rating
Lightweight at just 420g
F1.0 Lens for best ‘thermal’ light transmission
3.9x Optical plus a 3x Digital Zoom
1024 x 768 resolution screen
French Made Thermal Core – 384×288 50hz – .17u
Recoil Rated to 6000j – Recommended around 308 Level
Not Approved for Spring Powered Air Rifles
Powered by a 18650 Flat Top Battery – easy to change when flat
One Battery Included
Requires a Charger – Recommended models here
Rangefinder (LRF Model) 600m
3 year Warranty
We only recommend the 45mm Lens version for most users, anything less than this is VERY short range and unless you are shooting rats all the time in a barn, the 45mm is the best option to have.

The Thermal Core is actually made in France as well – as are several other big brands

Why we think this is a brilliant Thermal Rifle Scope - The PARD SA Thermal Rifle Scope truly is a very good scope and at this kind of price point its amazing.