Outdoor Outfitters K9 Comfort King Dog Bed 1000mm

Outdoor Outfitters K9 Comfort King Dog Bed 1000mm

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Dog Bed Green 1000mm x750mm.

Give your dog a place to rest with this great dog bed. Filled with soft thick padding, this beds inner is easily removable so the outer can be washed when needed.

The outer layer is a soft finish brushed Polyester material which is super tough, waterproof and has a PVC Backing on the inside to stop smell seeping into the foam inner.
The Inner is a light polyester lining containing soft foam which moulds to your dogs shape.

I have one of these dog beds in the shop for Jazz. The beds are very easy to maintain. Personally I think they are one of the best dog beds I ever seen, and I am very happy with them so far and doubt they’ll ever have a complaint.

So if you care about your dogs as much as I do and you worry about their comfort then these dog beds are well worth looking at. We thoroughly recommend them.