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The new Diamond 30mm Illuminated Series are 100% designed in Japan for fast shooting in low light conditions.

Top Grade A Microlux ETE emerald lens coatings developed for low light use, plus you see the target faster, clearer and with more contrast.
Hard Alloy 30mm tube for high strength and superior light transmission
Windage and Elevation adjustments use low profile hunter style turrets with finger click adjust. Low profile ideal for forests and stalking. Less chance of them getting snagged on obstructions.

Waterproof - Shockproof - Fogproof - Recoil proof

44mm Multi Coated Lens:
An excellent medium-large lens size.
Outstanding light capture coupled with 30mm tube = fast target acquisition and moving target tracking.
Great for all light conditions especially good in lower light.
1.5-6x variable magnification

Illuminated European No4 Dot Reticle
Designed for fast shooting in low light conditions where the precise dot Illuminated reticle combined with Microlux ETE coated lenses gives you superb clarity of vision and rapid target acquisition.
Red illumination helps a lot in low light, shadows etc (very good in woodland)
Green is good in very bright light.
In both cases the illumination removes the problem of a black reticle against a black/shadowed target which makes shots very hard to place precisely.
With the IR turned on you can see your dot clearly against a dark background and shoot with confidence.

Technical Specification

Main tube Diameter : 30mm
Windage and Elevation Adjustments : MOA low profile hunter turrets. MOA: 1/2" = 15mm at 100m
FOV feet at 100 yards: 18.3 - 73.2
FOV m at 100m: 6.1 - 24.4
Elevation/Windage adjustment range MOA Up-down and left-right of 40 (80 total therefore)
Reticle : No 4 Dot
Parallax focus: Set at 100 yards (91m)
Illumination : Red or green dot (or turn off for black) Saddle switch control.
Eye relief: 3.3-3.9" 85-100mm
Weight: 567g - 20oz
Length: 297mm - 11.7"