Martin Henry 577/450 Loaded ammunition

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Martini Henry Ammunition, Loaded with bullet weight 485gr & with 70gr Alliant Black MZ black powder substitue.
These cases are formed from MagTech 24ga new brass shotgun shells and Large Pistol primer. T
he projectile is Hard lead, 11 Bhn.
Wash cases immediately after firing.
Note: Balck Powder and substitutes, Alliant Black MZ & Pyrodex) are highly corrosive. Failure to do so will result in your cases splitting & not lasting.
e offer a full reloading service for both Martini Henry and Snider.
Cases are ultrasound cleaned and tumble polished before reloading. Only quality components used. Replacement of un-serviceable cases where required.
Reloading: $3.50 each Replacement loaded ammo $8.00 each Replacement cases, un-loaded & unprimed $7.00 each