Kilwell Surf Combo 12" 3.66m LED tip

Kilwell Surf Combo 12" 3.66m LED tip

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An evening of surfcasting off a beach has to be one of the most productive ways of land-based fishing.
Fish that would not venture close to shore during the day lose wariness and come in to feed, oblivious to the angler's presence.
Kilwell LED surfcasting rods have an LED light manufactured inside the tip section so you can easily see when the bite is on. The replaceable battery fits into the base of the tip section,
and is protected from the elements.
For safety from marauding four wheelers, the butt section of the rod features reflective paint which will glow when headlights or a torch are directed towards the rod.


Kilwell LED1203SU; 12' 3.66m 3pce rod with 80 - 150g cast weight.

Kilwell RXB series Baitfeeder reels are perfectly designed for straylining or softbait fishing.
The reels feature 5 ball bearings plus 1 roller bearing a stainless steel mainshaft, instant anti-reverse and a twin drag bait feeder system with micro click adjustment.
The anti-twist line roller, and forged aluminium spools make these reels suitable for mono or braided line.

The RXB85 is ideal for straylining or surf casting
* 5BB 1RB rust resistant bearings
* Capacity; 310m/0.50mm or 340yds/20lb monofilament
* 5.1:1 retrieve ratio, retrieves 117cm line per handle turn.
* Max Drag 7.5kg

Like all Kilwell branded products these reels have a Kilwell Limited Lifetime Warranty.