Kilwell Smoker SS Midi 10ltre

Kilwell Smoker SS Midi 10ltre

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Designed to accommodate fish fillets or other food items, the Kilwell Midi 10 litre Smoker is our compact
model designed for smaller fillets and is easier to store.

Like all Kilwell Smokers the Midi is manufactured in New Zealand from a heavy gauge stainless steel to
minimize warping and the lip on the lid features an extra long overhang to enhance smoke holding ability.

The Midi 10 litre cooker is supplied with one meths burner dish, finely sieved kiln dried Manuka sawdust*
and a plated steel wire rack.

Kilwell Smoker Cookers are available in three sizes,
* Magnum 23 litre. Size 590mm Long x 425mm Wide x 188mm High.
* Original 16.3 litre. Size 466mm Long x 366mm Wide x 192mm High.
* Midi 10 litre. Size 435mm Long x 335mm Wide x 165mm High.

Like all Kilwell branded products these smokers have a Kilwell Lifetime Warranty.

Proudly made in New Zealand.