Hornady 6.5 Grendel FL Die Set

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Hornady® reloading dies represent the finest in machined craftsmanship.
Precise machining allows accurate reloading by offering easier adjustments, better alignment and smooth functioning.

With one of the finest internal finishes in the industry, Hornady® Custom Grade and Match Grade Dies provide a lifetime of reloading. They’re so well crafted that they’re guaranteed never to break or wear out from normal use.

The full Length sizing dies use the new Zip Spindle enabling strong lock , they also have an eliptical expander ball to provide smooth sizing.

The Seating die has a floating seater stem to ensure perfect alignment of the projectile during seating.

These can be fitted with CUSTOM BULLET SEATING STEMS (available seperately)
These seating stems are designed to fit Hornady® Custom Grade™ Dies and are machined to fit the profile of the A-MAX, A-Tip®, ELD Match, ELD-X, FTX and MonoFlex bullets to seat them as precisely as possible without damaging bullets. (Not compatible with other manufacturers’ dies.)

They can also be fitted with Hornadys click adjustable seating Micrometer. Precisely set bullet seating depth with click adjust .001" increments. It’s a quick and easy way to achieve benchrest accuracy and consistency without the extra cost of another seating die. Hornady® die sets already include an in-line seater; simply replace the standard seating adjustment stem with the Click-Adjust Bullet Seating Micrometer.