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Our FLAGMASTER™ golf rangefinder will change your game – best optics and brilliant display in pocket size.
Packed with the latest technology – from flag detection like “Prisma, First Target & Vibaration” to the latest slope height correction and a high-precision laser – designed and developed in Germany.
Powerful laser for maximum flexibility of play
The FLAGMASTER™ 1800 is equipped with an extra powerful laser to measure reflective objects (flag) with repeated accuracy up to a distance of 1,800 m, even in adverse weather and lighting conditions. See more and play longer than others!
Hyperscan Mode with 3 Measurements
per Second
Legal Indicator and Slope Correction for Participation in Official Tournaments
The FLAGMASTER™ 1800 is equipped with a visual legal indicator. This indicator allows you to use the FLAGMASTER™ 1800 in official tournaments. If the SLOPE mode is activated, which shows you the distance taking into account the terrain angle and is not allowed in official tournaments, the two LEDs on the front side will flash. You can switch off SLOPE mode and use the FLAGMASTER™ in tournaments
One-Handed Operation
During development and design, great attention was paid to lightweight and ergonomics for one-hand operation.
This means more freedom and energy for longer games.