Firemaple FMS-103 Cooker

Firemaple FMS-103 Cooker

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Portable gas burner FMS-103 - one of the lightest and most powerful burners in the lineup. One feature is the high and at the same time narrow the flame torch, which can achieve the highest efficiency for a given design. Minimalistic design and ease of use in combination with an integrated wind screen allow to cook, even in a strong wind. Paws for the pot-holders are formed so as to occupy as little space. Portable gas burner FMS-103 is equipped with a nipple, a special system to prevent the loss of fuel each time connecting and disconnecting a replaceable cartridge. This allows several times to reduce the consumption of vital fuel in the journey.

- Unfolded: diameter 123 mm, height 80 mm
- Folded: diameter 70 mm, height 95.5 mm
Weight: 103 Mr.
Power: 3000 W
Suitable for use in extreme mountain and hiking.
1 liter of water to boil for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Under the conditions: (GOST 2939-63) Barometric pressure 760 mm Hg. Art., 20⁰S air temperature, humidity 0%, 20⁰S water temperature, as well as a new gas cartridge fully removable standard EPI-GAS brand Fire-Maple.

Fuel consumption when using branded replacement cartridges Fire-Maple FMS-G series with the maximum burning time is: Replacement cartridge FMS-G3 110 g ~ 31 minutes, a replaceable cartridge FMS-G2 230 g ~ 65 minutes and a replaceable cartridge FMS-G5 450 g ~ 127 minutes.

- Portable burner.
- Compact and robust, sleek design, easy use and storage, improved stability.
- The burner is integrated wind deflector, which increases efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.
- Small flat burner ensures high and narrow flame.
- A small knob flame and bright, functional design basis, will delight all lovers of cooking in nature.
- Nipple. Fuel loss prevention system when connecting-disconnecting a replaceable cartridge.
- Used with threaded replaceable cartridges of any type. Perhaps the connection to the cylinder collet using FMS-701 adapter.
- Comes in a hard box for transportation and storage.