Ek Blade+ Crossbow with 4x32 Scope: 175lbs

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The Blade+ crossbow boasts an impressive 340 fps from a 175 lbs draw weight which is all the more impressive when you realise it has a power stroke of only 12.5". With an adjustable stock and anti-dry fire, this modern design mid-range compound crossbow is sure to tick a lot of boxes when choosing your compound crossbow.

• Reinforced composite stock, adjustable stock
• Forceful textured A2-style pistol grip
• Anti-dry fire safety
• Trigger pull below 3.5 lbs
• Compacting the crossbow's design by shifting the grip forward to achieve a more ergonomic and operational balance.
• Aluminum/composite barrel with picatinny rail
• Decelerates string and deadens vibration
• Die casting cams
• Aluminum die casting
• Durable compression

• Speed: 340 fps
• Draw weight: 175 lbs
• Power stroke: 12.5"
• Axle to axle: 14" cocked, 17" uncocked
• Mass weight (bow only): 6.7 lbs
• Length: 33.5 - 36"

Accessories included:
• 4x32 crossbow scope
• Cocking rope
• 3 x 20" aluminium bolts
• 3-bolt quiver
• String wax
• String stopper
• Goggles