CZ 600 Ergo .308Win 5R 508mm M15x1

CZ 600 Ergo .308Win 5R 508mm M15x1

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CZ is proud to introduce the new CZ 600 series. Its unique, highly modular design comes with a number of patented features that improve all key characteristics - from reliability and durability to ergonomics and shooting comfort to safety and accuracy.
The use of state-of-the-art manufacturing materials and technologies also contribute significantly to its improved design and operation. Models for hunting, sport and hobby are available in a wide range of popular calibres.

This premium model with a light profile barrel is equipped with a specially designed, fibre-reinforced polymer stock with sophisticated ergonomics, which not only provides maximum shooting comfort but also contributes to its high accuracy.
Stock length can be adjusted by replacing the rubber butt pad, which is available in three different sizes.

Six of the most popular calibres are offered, ranging from 223 Rem. to the 300 Win Mag. Optics can be mounted on standardized rails that are integrated on the durable, aluminium receiver.
When the magazine lock is activated, the firearm changes to a fixed magazine configuration.

The CZ 600 ERGO model has a guaranteed, factory-tested sub-MOA at 100 meters (three-shot groups with match-grade factory ammunition).

Length: 1038 mm 
Barrel length: 508 mm 
Weight: 2.9 kg
Calibre: 308 Win. (1:10)
Magazine capacity: 5
Supply type: Magazine
Trigger: Single-stage, adjustable
LOP: 370 mm
Stock: Polymer
Stock finish: Soft-touch
Barrel: Cold hammer forged
Thread: M15×1