CZ 512 22 Mag semi Auto

CZ 512 22 Mag semi Auto

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High quality, long service life, accuracy and safe handling are key advantages of firearms made by Ceská zbrojovka.
And all these qualities are also found on this new semi-automatic rimfire rifle, the CZ 512.

It is a semi-automatic rifle with a blow-back breech operating system, designed for hunting and target shooting.
The CZ 512 is equipped with the manual safety preventing any accidental discharge.

This rifle features a dovetail on the top of the receiver for mounting scope rings.
A characteristic feature of this firearm is an excellent balance that guaranties quick and easy aiming.
The sights are adjustable for elevation and windage.

The rifle is fed from a detachable magazine.
Weight is kept to a minimum by combing a lower polymer receiver with a steel upper.
The lacquered beech wood stock completes the dynamic modern appearance and the ergonomics that enhances
ease of use during shooting make this rifle a winner.

*Technical Data:
Calibre (rate of twist): .22WMR (1 in 16")
Magazine Capacity: 5
Stock: beech
Trigger mechanism operation: non-adjustable
Sights: adjustable with dovetail for scope mounting 11mm
Overall length: 1000 mm
Barrel length: 525 mm
Height: 200 mm
Width: 57 mm

Please note: This rifle is not designed for use with subsonic ammunition. Use of a sound moderator is not recommended with any type of ammunition.
Weight: 2.67 kg
Barrel: hammer forged.