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We have a Blaser R8 Ultimate on the shlef, fitted with a fully suppressed carcbon firbe 300 win Mag barrel - awesome combination. pictures dont do this awesome rifle justice

We can supply other barrels for the Ultimate, you can choose from any options on the Blaser site

The R8 Ultimate sets a new standard in terms of functionality and design. The
two-piece ergonomically designed thumbhole stock ensures a completely
relaxed shooting position, as well as optimal control of the rifle when firing.
With the newly developed, modular stock options, the R8 Ultimate Silence are exactly tailored to your individual needs.

All of these options support our goal: to provide what is needed to shoot better in every situation. The Ultimate truly is the king of cross-over rifles. Set it up for fast offhand shooting in its standard configuration or add the adjustable butt pad and comb to tailor the fit for precise long range engagements. As well as a full length slienced barrel. The choice is yours. Don't be locked into a single discipline with a non-modular rifle.

Standard Ultimate Silence model comes with:

Ergonomically designed thumbhole stock, adjustable recoil pad, recoil absorption system or adjustable comb – the R8 Ultimate features newly developed, modular stock options which can be adjusted to your individual demands and actively support accurate shooting.
Available calibers:
Cal. .308 Win., 8x57 IS and 9.3x62 with barrel lengths 42 or 47cm
Cal. .30-06 with barrel length 47cm
Cal. .300 Win. Mag. and .300 Blaser Mag. with barrel length 52cm
Cal. 8,5 x 55 Blaser with barrel length 47 cm
Noise reduction (with cal. .308): 28 dB
Also available in R8 Ultimate Silence Leather
Weight approx. 3.5kg
For more information on the options/pricing available for this model use the Blaser Configurator

Does not include Blaser saddle mount or scope


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