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A complete ballistol Gun care Kit
The kit includes:
200ml BALLISTOL Universal Oil spray - The unequalled multi-purpose oil with a wide range of applications. It's ideally suited for maintaining weapons, machines, equipment, leather, all natural wooden surfaces as well as synthetic material and rubber goods. It's even used as care oil for man and animals. BALLISTOL is environmentally friendly and the white oil used in the production only contains pharmaceutically clean substances.
50ml KLEVER Quick Browning - For the browning process of a decayed gun in need of repair.
50ml Robla Cold Degreaser - Removes persistent oil and grease
50ml Gunex 2000 Gun Oil - Protects your gun in extreme weather conditions. It provides long term rust protection and keeps all movable parts smoothly functioning. It can be used at minus 50 degrees C to 100 degrees C
50ml BALSIN stock Oil Bright - for preserving & maintaining stocks and items made of fine wood. It penetrates the wood so that it becomes water-repellent and weatherproof. BALSIN stock oil provides wooden stocks with fine silky lustre by means of a special silicone formula
Sucolin Tow - for cleaning and kind of gun barrel and surface
100ml Robla Solo MIL Barrel Cleaner - It removes metal residue in barrels, along with any residue of tombac, copper and lead & prolongs the life of guns
The kit also useful accessories such as two goat hair brushes, a cleaning brush, and also two fluff-free cleaning cloths.