Armytek Wizard Pro v3 Magnet USB + 18650

Armytek Wizard Pro v3 Magnet USB + 18650

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Armytek Wizard Pro v3 Magnet USB + 18650 Battery/XHP50/White Torch/ Headlamp
Compact and light, but at the same time reliable and multifunctional flashlight with Magnet-USB Charger. Headband for handsfree use. Multi-flashlight is suitable for using in different fields: auto, fishing, biking, running, etc.

The difference between the usual version from pro-if you turn on the usual lantern for maximum brightness, it will fall gradually, switching to smaller brightness modes. Version Pro supports constant brightness, regardless of battery charge. The ordinary lantern holds 6 glow modes and no strobe, the pro version contains 11 modes, which includes a strobe, as well as an additional attachment to the hand.

The flashlight has a bright American Cree xhp50 led, which warranty is 50.000 hours. Luminous flux of 2300 led lumen illuminates at a distance of 130 meters.

Bright light with constant brightness thanks to powerful electronics and active temperature control without timers
Multilantern "10 in 1" for different activities: auto, fishing, hunting, house, work, city, picnic, bike, hike, trip.
Effective tir optics and no tunnel vision effect even after long time use
Side button for easy control of one hand and easy switching of modes with advanced control
Color status indication and ultra low current consumption in off state-more than 25 years
Comfortable mount for reliable fixation of the lantern-it will not slide even during running
Durable housing without long wires, unreliable rubber connectors and extra blocks
Removable magnet on the back cover, detachable clip, durable thimble and the ability of vertical installation for multifunctional use
Absolute protection against penetration of water, dirt and dust-The Lantern continues to work even at a depth of 10 meters

Brightness up to 2300 LED Lm.
Beam distance up to 130 m.
Up to 200 days of light with one power source.
18650 Li-Ion battery and USB charger are in the set.