Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Max LR Magnet USB charger, Battery, white

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Wizard C2 Pro Max LR

Wizard C2 Pro Max LR is a long-range version of the Wizard C2 Pro Max multi flashlight with record light output of 4150 lumens. The use of a specially designed reflector made it possible to obtain a long beam distance of 181 meters, while retaining a wide angle of light. This torch has a 35 degree hotspot of light with 85 degree flood light is convenient for farms and industrial works, as well as for active leisure and day-to-day tasks.

The flashlight works on an included 21700 Li-Ion battery or on one standard 18650 Li-Ion battery using an adapter. Headmount, clip, holster, magnet in the tailcap and optional bike mount ABM-01 provide various attachment options for comfortable daily use and for sporting activities. Wizard C2 Pro Max LR is also compatible with original hard hat mounts for industrial works and mountaineering.

21700 Li-Ion battery
Magnetic USB Charger
18650 battery adapter
Steel clip
Nylon holster
2 spare O-rings
User manual