Air Chief Clamp On Air Rifle Bipod

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Air Chief Clamp On Air Rifle Bipod 310mm Fixed Legs

An even simpler, easier bipod solution from Air Chief is here. The Air Chief Air Rifle Clamp On Bipod is a great choice for when you want something that is quick and easy to use, is lightweight and simple yet durable, and all at an affordable price.

The Air Chief Clamp On Air Rifle Bipod enables a shooter to fire their air rifle in a comfortable and stable position by resting it on a surface, enabling more accuracy to tighten your groupings. They also rid of the need to carry a heavy sandbag or bulky bench rest. Storage has never been easier, simply un-clamp from the barrel and hook the legs together.

Along with a good optic, this is a great addition for both beginners and those who want to become more competitive and hone in on their target shooting skills at home or out in the field.

• Perfect for target shooting
• Spring loaded clamp
• Clamps directly on to the barrel, no fittings needed
• Strong and super lightweight ABS plastic
• Legs clip together for storage
• Easy and simple to use
• Height: 310mm / 12.2" Approx