30 Cal Apolo Air Boss Pellets Domed Lead 49grn

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AIR BOSS DOMED .30, heavy, precise round shot in a powerful 7.2 mm calibre. Developed in cooperation with leading manufacturers of strong air guns.Selected One by One, premium ammunition from Argentinian company Apolo at an excellent price!

Exceptional bullet with high overthrowing force for shooting with powerful pneumatic PCP and spring rifles (FAC with no energy limit). High quality and precision of workmanship as well as perfect balance contribute to its accuracy over long distances and low drop, which is due to the Round head, which reduces air resistance. Ideal for smashing targets and hunting. Screw-on metal box, 100 pieces.

Technical data:
Name: AirBoss Domed, Extra Heavy .30cal, 100ct
Caliber: 7.62 mm / .30 mm
Weight: 3.10 g / 49.0 gr
Shape: Round
Skirt: Smooth
Material: Lead
Package: 100 pcs