22WMR Henry Lever Action Golden Boy Octagon Barrel

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Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy Model H004M Lever Action Rimfire Rifle .22 Magnum 20.5" Barrel 12 Rounds American Walnut Stock Golden Finish.

Specifications and features:
Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy Model H004M Lever Action Rimfire Rifle
.22 Magnum
20.5" blued octagon barrel
10 round tube magazine
Hammer safety
Side ejection
Brasslite steel receiver
Marbles semi-buckhorn fully adjustable rear sight, beaded front sight
American walnut stock with straight grip
39" overall length
6.75 lbs unloaded
Made in the USA

The Henry Golden Boy is a masterpiece of fine crafted gunsmithing. Any shooting enthusiast who closely examines one is immediately impressed with the excellent fit, finish, and overall visually elegant design.

The Golden Boy's awesome 20" blued octagonal barrel, American walnut stock, brass buttplate, and gleaming Brasslite receiver will transport you back to the wild and wooley days of America's Old West, when our company founder Benjamin Tyler Henry designed the original Henry lever action rifle.

Small game hunters and plinkers will appreciate its substantial 6.75 pound heft. It balances well and makes for highly accurate offhand shooting. The smooth action associated with Henry rifles opens and shuts with the effortless slickness lever-lovers long for. Get one in your hands and take aim. See what a natural pointer it really is.

Adding to the historic authenticity is the adjustable buckhorn-type rear sight. The .22 Magnum holds 12 rounds.This will provide a whole lot of shooting pleasure before it's time to reload their tubular magazines.

The Henry Golden Boy is one beautiful classic that's affordably priced so you won't have to rob a stagecoach to own one. All we ask is that you mosey on down to your local gun shop and ask to see the Henry Golden Boy. You'll definitely agree it's the rifle that brings out the West in you.