ZEISS VICTORY BINOS 10X42 Range Finder Binoculars

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Combining ZEISS optical quality with the data you need to make your shot count, the 10x42 Victory Rangefinder Binocular has the potential to make your experiences in the field more successful. The Victory RF can measure up to 2300 metres in under 0.3 seconds in optimal conditions, but that's only the beginning of its capabilities. Its real-time ballistic computer measures physical and environmental factors, such as temperature and air pressure, and can store up to nine personal ballistic profiles. It syncs with the ZEISS Hunting App on your device to calculate bullet drop compensation, so you'll know exactly where to aim to hit your target.

The Victory's lenses are fully multi-coated with the famed ZEISS T* anti-reflective coating and its Abbe-Koenig roof prism are phase-correction coated, resulting in optimal light transmission and a bright, sharp image. The exteriors of the lenses are treated with LotuTec coatings that bead water, reduce glare, and make cleaning easy.

The ZEISS Hunting App includes a sophisticated ballistics calculator, a hunting diary with photos and GPS data, weather forecasts and an inventory of your hunting equipment, along with important information like serial numbers, invoices, and dealer contacts.

Optical Performance
AFOV: wide angle - 66°
T* multi-coating enhances light transmission, reduces flare/glare
Phase-corrected Abbe-Koenig roof prisms for enhanced clarity, light transmission, contrast

Construction Details
LotuTec coating: Sheds water, dirt, grease, grime (lenses can be wiped clean without smearing)
Waterproof to 400mbar of pressure
Wide operating temperature range: -25 to 63°C

Use and Handling
±3 diopter adjustment range
Laser Rangefinder with BIS
Range: 15 to 2300m
Syncs via Bluetooth with ZEISS Hunting App for BDC calculation
Measures physical and environmental factors, such as temperature and air pressure, for real-time calculations
Stores up to 9 personal ballistic profiles