Uberti 1875 Army Outlaw Rev 7.5" 357

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Remingtons`s attempt to compete with the highly successful Colt Single Action Revolver produced the model 1875. It is known that these revolvers saw much use on the American Frontier including in the hands of Frank and Jesse James. Available in the most common of barrel lengths 7 1/2″ as well as being offered in the extremely rare length of 5 1/2″ A. Uberti and Company now produces this classic American Firearm complete with our all new steel trigger guard and blade front sight.

Caliber: .357MAG.
Length of Barrel: 7½”
Overall Length: bbl.7½ 12.8″
Weight: bbl.7½ 2.64 lbs
Barrel: Forged steel
Frame: Casted steel and color case
Twist: Left
Cylinder: Fluted
Grip: Two pieces walnut
Cylinder: 6
Barrel Shape: Round Tapered
Sight: Fixed