Shooting Lever Guns of the Old West

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Shooting Lever Action Rifles

300 pages detailing all pre-1900 models of Winchester and Marlin lever action rifles and carbines, plus reloading data on cartridges from the .25-20 to the .50-110.

Venturino knows his topic and the more he writes, the better it gets. I've followed him for years in Rifle and Handloader magazines and I've come to appreciate his hands-on knowledge and passion for 19th century and military firearms. While he ain't Shakespeare, he is good at his craft.

The book is split into two parts:
1)identification and history and
2) shooting tips and reloading data (by make, model and caliber), it's pretty standard Venturino format.

At 300 pages, it's not necessarily big, but, there's a lot in it! I am of the opinion that the layout and art/photography is better than his early books, so kudos to his wife who I believe does that work for him.