Rifleman's Capper, fancy cap magazine, brass, by Tedd Cash

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This clever cap dispenser was designed in the late percussion era. Patterned after one shown in The Muzzle Loading Caplock Rifle, by Ned Roberts, this replica is about 3-1/2" long. A slotted arm rotates, to allow the hinged lid to open wide, for easy refill. When filled, gravity draws caps to the lower end, but keeps them dry and protected, out of sight. Pressing the side lever rocks a spring cam arm inside, presenting one cap at the window. The cap is held in place until you seat it on the nipple.

Use No. 11 pecussion cap and this capper on rifles, shotguns, single shot pistols, or any percussion gun with exposed nipples. Not recommended for in-line actions, pepperboxes, or percussion revolvers, although it may work well with Ruger or Rogers & Spencer style revolvers with exposed nipples.

When engraved by your local Trophy Shop, this will make a nice award for a shooting match, or ceremonial presentation. A lanyard ring prevents loss in the field, or attaches to your ribbon.

Best quality, made in the U.S.A., by our friend Tedd Cash. This capper works well.