Ridgeline Classic Bushshirt - Blaze Camo

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We’ve got nothing against wool, but we do like our 400 GSM polyester fleece bush shirt.

A nice balance of weight plus warmth with soft thick fibres that keep the warmth in and resist pilling... and if you did happen to get wet, it dries in no time! We’ve added a zip chest pocket and a high collar with a zip front to create what we believe is the Ridgline kiwi classic bushshirt. Great at the stock sales, relaxing at home or sidling through the head of those sunny gullies in the dead of winter.

Made of Ridgeline Southern Star 400TM:
The tiny 400gsm Southern Star Fleece fibres create multiple air cells that trap warmth inside and give you excellent protection against the most extreme outdoor conditions. Southern Star 400TM does not retain moisture but allows it to evaporate and the fabric remains dry.