Lee Enfield No4 Mk1/2 Fazakerley

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This No4 has been rebuilt at the Fazakerley y factory in 10/49. The marking Mk1/2 at The Fazakerley factory indicates it has been part of the rebuild conversion programme.

The conversion programme to /2 and /3 (It’s not ‘slash 2 or 3’ in UK military parlance, but said as ‘number 4 mark 1 oblique 2’) was done not by brazing on a pre-machined block at the butt socket but by brazing on a SOLID partially machined block. The block was then finished when it was attached to the rifle. This ensured that the half circle recess to clear the new SCREW, tie, fore-end, the radial trigger slot and most importantly, the trigger axis pin hole was in the EXACT position.

Overall this rifle is in very good condition, good rifling and an attractive blond stock.

A nice addition to a collection or to shoot in service rifle matches.

This rifle was once owned by Din and Viv Collins