Hi-Point 45ACP Model JHP

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Very Good condition Hi Point 45 ACP JHP
Comes with 4 Mags

The pistol has a proprietary integral accessory rail, and a thumb safety which doubles as a slide lock. The weapon uses the .45 ACP cartridge, and is the largest pistol that Hi-Point manufactures. All of Hi-Point's handguns use a blowback design similar to that used in the German Walther PPK and Russian Makarov PM. In blowback weapons the return spring and mass of the slide absorbs the rearward force generated by the propulsion of the bullet. As the slide moves back, an extractor hooks the empty casing by the rim and pulls it out of the chamber after which the case is ejected. After the slide has completed its rearward travel, the recoil spring moves the slide forward, also chambering another round. Many modern handguns use a locked-breech design and therefore do not require the amount of mass that the blowback design requires in order to remain safe to fire. Because all Hi-Point firearms are rated for +P ammunition the slides are even heftier than what would otherwise be necessary.

When the last round is fired and ejected, the slide will lock in the open position. There is no slide release on the Hi-Point .45 JHP, so releasing the slide is performed by pulling the locked slide further back.

Out of the box this pistol is mounted with a typical 3-dot sight and also includes a free ghost ring sight. The gun's barrel has a 7 groove right hand twist, and the proprietary integrated accessory rail only fits a Hi-Point LaserLyte laser sight or ¾ inch laser ring.

Due to the fixed barrel, accuracy is well above average, on par with higher priced pistols this weapon remains popular due to its low cost and lifetime, no questions asked warranty, and extremely rugged nature.