Dickson Howa Golden Bear

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Very original Howa "sako" copy
This is from their early models, which were a exact copy fo the current Sako of the time
Sitable for your collection or for a hunter wanting something that will do the job but with a little more of an interesting twist
Comes with sako style rings Very good condition, has had the barrel threaded

"Sako", an acronym for the Finnish name of the "Finnish Civil Guard Armory", sounds a bit like a Japanese word, especially when English speakers pronounce it like the Japanese watch, "Seiko". (Most Europeans pronounce it "Sah-ko" with a soft A.) Some people actually think that Sakos are from Japan, but of course, Sakos are and always have been made entirely in Finland.
However, in the mid-1960's the Howa company of Japan, which still makes rifles sold under its own name and also the Weatherby name, marketed a rifle called the "Dickson-Howa Golden Bear". It was almost an exact copy of the Sako "Finnbear". The stocks were identically configured, all dimensions of the action and barrel were the same, and even the three-lug bolts would interchange with a genuine Sako Finnbear. Of course, the Howa Golden Bear was priced well below the Finnbear.
Exactly how this copycat rifle came about is unclear, and no one at either Sako or Howa today seems to know anything about it. After just a couple of years the "Golden Bear" was withdrawn from the market and rumor has it that it was due to a patent lawsuit by Sako.
There are just a few of these Dickson-Howa Golden Bears floating around, almost exclusively chambered in .30-06 (only one .308 has ever been identified.) They came in both standard and Deluxe grades, both closely mimicking the Sako configurations. As with the current Howa rifles, they were fairly high-quality guns and each of the limited number of examples we've examined have been decent shooters. The most readily apparent difference between the Howa and the Sako is the Howa's bottom metal of aluminum alloy rather than steel.