Brass Capper, for #11 caps, straight line, made in the USA, by Tedd Cash

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Narrow spring fingers allow this straight line capper to reach into tight cavities to place caps on most replica Colt revolvers, most rifles, shotguns, and many modern inline actions.

This capper will help "start" caps on your New Model 1858 Remington revolver, but you must seat the cap fully using your thumb. The extra deep shroud formed by the Remington nipple cavity prevents any capper from fully seating the cap. We've tried them all.

The straight line capper accepts popular #11 caps to fit the nipples we sell, or the slightly smaller #10 cap, or the older obsolete #12 caps, and holds them in blued steel spring fingers, ready for quick use. Retract the thumb knob until caps may be inserted through a hole in the side. Gravity feeds caps to the end. A gentle nudge of the thumb knob presents a new cap. Spring fingers hold it securely, until you are ready to press the cap on the nipple.

So-called Magnum caps, aka "Double Charged" caps, aka "Extra Hot" caps, are normal percussion caps with double the priming charge. The goal is to ignite synthetic artificial black powder substitutes such as Pyrodex, Triple 7, Clear Shot, Clean Shot, Pinnacle, American Pioneer, Black Mag, and the other substitutes that qualify as Flammable Solids. They are not very good substitutes, but they can be resold by any dealer, without the extra Federal Explosives License.

We do not recommend the Magnum - Extra Hot caps for revolvers, because they may stand tall on our nipples, rub the frame, and might cause chain fire.

This sold brass capper is best quality, made in the U.S.A., by our friends at Tedd Cash Manufacturing. It works smoothly, dispenses caps easily, and will become your favorite after only a few minutes of practice.!